Our approach is to uncover your business challenges and build
the customized social media solutions to help you solve them.

It's time to re-think social media.


starts by finding the intersection between
technology, sociology, and business.

Social Media success


Our job is to help you understand which channels
will maximize your exposure and drive ROI.

There are infinite applications
for social media.


Social Gaines is a modern marketing agency
specializing in social media.


“Our philosophy for social media success stems from finding the intersection between technology, sociology and business.”

 CEO, Taylor Gaines

Social Media Services We Offer

Account Management


We work with you to stay up-to-date on your industry and your business to keep content relevant.



We craft custom blogs, build copywriting editorial calendars, and build the weekly content plans to keep your business trending in the conversation.

Account Growth


We identify and engage with your targeted audience on the correct social channels.

Creative Development


We build your arsenal of mixed media including branded graphics, photography, and video.



We compile monthly analytics reports highlighting content performance, audience engagement, competitor benchmarking, and goal setting.

Paid Advertising


We build highly targeted ad campaigns, with re-targeting options. We create ads from the ground up.

Unlock Your Gaines

Social Media Today, Is integrated into each stage of the Modern marketing funnel.

At Social Gaines, we help clients understand how social media impacts each stage of the modern marketing funnel so we can develop and deploy the social media strategies that will drive Gaines.

We build social media playbooks that align audience personas and company voice with social media channel strategy, content strategy, marketing/digital media objectives and business objectives. 

Buyer Stage: Exploration & Education 

We create content that converts. Based on client’s content strategy we can produce a wide range of high quality content. 

Buyer Stage: Decision Making

Stay top of mind! Leverage retargeting and personalized content to shorten the customer journey and speed up time to conversion.

Buyer Stage: Purchase

We make sure your social media channels are set-up to convert customers. (This may vary based on business/industry/channel)

Buyer Stage: Advocacy/Champion

Create brand advocates pre and post sale. We build targeted, organic relationships between brand and consumer in both B2B, B2C, and B2B2C environments.